On the construction of super edge-magic total graphs

Darmaji Darmaji, Rinurwati Rinurwati, Suhud Wahyudi, Suhadi Wido Saputro


Suppose G = (V, E) be a simple graph with p vertices and q edges. An edge-magic total labeling of G is a bijection f : V ∪ E → {1, 2, …, p + q} where there exists a constant r for every edge xy in G such that f(x)+f(y)+f(xy)=r. An edge-magic total labeling f is called a super edge-magic total labeling if for every vertex v ∈ V(G), f(v)≤p. The super edge-magic total graph is a graph which admits a super edge-magic total labeling. In this paper, we consider some families of super edge-magic total graph G. We construct several graphs from G by adding some vertices and edges such that the new graphs are also super edge-magic total graphs.


edge-magic total labeling, super edge-magic total graph, super edge-magic total labeling

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5614/ejgta.2022.10.1.21


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