On normalized Laplacian spectrum of zero divisor graphs of commutative ring ℤn

S. Pirzada, Bilal A. Rather, T. A. Chishti, U. Samee


For a finite commutative ring ℤn with identity 1 ≠ 0, the zero divisor graph Γ(ℤn) is a simple connected graph having vertex set as the set of non-zero zero divisors, where two vertices x and y are adjacent if and only if xy=0. We find the normalized Laplacian spectrum of the zero divisor graphs Γ(ℤn) for various values of n and characterize n for which Γ(ℤn) is normalized Laplacian integral. We also obtain bounds for the sum of graph invariant Sβ*(G)-the sum of the β-th power of the non-zero normalized Laplacian eigenvalues of Γ(ℤn).


normalized Laplacian matrix, normalized Laplacian spectrum, zero divisor graph

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5614/ejgta.2021.9.2.7


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