Total coloring conjecture on certain classes of product graphs

Kanagasabapathi Somasundaram, Jayabalan Geetha, Radhakrishnan Vignesh


A total coloring of a graph G is an assignment of colors to the elements of the graph G such that no adjacent vertices and edges receive the same color. The total chromatic number of a graph G, denoted by χ″(G), is the minimum number of colors that suffice in a total coloring. Behzad and Vizing conjectured that for any graph GΔ(G)+1 ≤ χ″(G)≤Δ(G)+2, where Δ(G) is the maximum degree of G. In this paper, we prove the Behzad and Vizing conjecture for Indu - Bala product graph, Skew and Converse Skew product graph, Cover product graph, Clique cover product graph and Comb product graph.


total coloring, Indu-Bala product, skew and converse skew product, cover product, clique cover product, comb product

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