Orientable Z_n-distance magic labeling of the Cartesian product of many cycles

Bryan Freyberg, Melissa Keranen


The following generalization of distance magic graphs was introduced in [2]. A directed Z_n-distance magic labeling of an oriented graph $\overrightarrow{G}=(V,A)$ of order n is a bijection $\overrightarrow{\ell}\colon V \rightarrow Z_n$ with the property that there is a $\mu \in Z_n$ (called the magic constant) such that w(x)= \sum_{y\in N_{G}^{+}(x)} \overrightarrow{\ell}(y) - \sum_{y\in N_{G}^{-}(x)} \overrightarrow{\ell}(y)= \mu$ for every x \in V(G). If for a graph G there exists an orientation $\overrightarrow{G}$ such that there is a directed Z_n-distance magic labeling $\overrightarrow{\ell}$ for $\overrightarrow{G}$, we say that G is orientable Z_n-distance magic and the directed Z_n-distance magic labeling $\overrightarrow{\ell}$ we call an orientable Z_n-distance magic labeling. In this paper, we find orientable Z_n-distance magic labelings of the Cartesian product of cycles. In addition, we show that even-ordered hypercubes are orientable Z_n-distance magic.


distance magic graph, directed distance magic labeling, orientable Z_n-distance magic labelings

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5614/ejgta.2017.5.2.11


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