Self-dual embeddings of K_{4m,4n} in different orientable and nonorientable pseudosurfaces with the same Euler characteristic

Steven Schluchter, J. Z. Schroeder


A proper embedding of a graph G in a pseudosurface P is an embedding in which the regions of the complement of G in P are homeomorphic to discs and a vertex of G appears at each pinchpoint in P;  we say that a proper embedding of G in P is self dual if there exists an isomorphism from G to its dual graph.  We give an explicit construction of a self-dual embedding of the complete bipartite graph K_{4m,4n} in an orientable pseudosurface for all $m, n\ge 1$; we show that this embedding maximizes the number of umbrellas of each vertex and has the property that for any vertex v of K_{4m,4n}, there are two faces of the constructed embedding that intersect all umbrellas of v.  Leveraging these properties and applying a lemma of Bruhn and Diestel, we apply a surgery introduced here or a different known surgery of Edmonds to each of our constructed embeddings for which at least one of m or n is at least 2.  The result of these surgeries is that there exist distinct orientable and nonorientable pseudosurfaces with the same Euler characteristic that feature a self-dual embedding of K_{4m,4n}.


graph embedding, self-dual embedding, surgeries, complete bipartite graph, pseudosurface

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ISSN: 2338-2287

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