Determining finite connected graphs along the quadratic embedding constants of paths

Edy Tri Baskoro, Nobuaki Obata


The QE constant of a finite connected graph G, denoted by QEC(G), is by definition the maximum of the quadratic function associated to the distance matrix on a certain sphere of codimension two. We prove that the QE constants of paths Pn form a strictly increasing sequence converging to −1/2. Then we formulate the problem of determining all the graphs G satisfying QEC(Pn)≤QEC(G)<QEC(Pn + 1). The answer is given for n = 2 and n = 3 by exploiting forbidden subgraphs for QEC(G)< − 1/2 and the explicit QE constants of star products of the complete graphs.


conditionally negative definite matrix; claw-free graphs; distance matrix; quadratic embedding constant; star product graph

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